Becca Light Chaser Highlighters & Liquid Crystal Lip Topper: Review & Swatches

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Becca's highlighters have a cult following. I loved the pressed Mermaid shimmer powder when Becca first launched as a brand. Sadly they discontinued it when the redid their highlighters and made them into the current version they are now.  I like Opal the most out of the permanent range. I find most of the other shades too pale, dark or gold. I miss Mermaid and wish they would bring it back. The permanent shades are very pigmented, almost frosty, very finely milled and very smooth in texture.

The Light Chaser Highlighters are limited edition. I love the brass and pewter duo-tone cases. I like it better than the permanent shades brown cases. They are exclusive to Sephora and Becca's site in the US. Details per Sephora:

An ultra-creamy, kaleidoscopic highlighter that imparts unprecedented color dimension when the light hits it. More than a highlighter, the Light Chaser Highlighter’s transformative formula is the perfect marriage of kaleidoscopic color and light. Each shade is infused with kaleidoscopic pearls that chase the light for an otherworldly glow that makes your favorite features beam bright. This unique highlighter shifts shades as your move, delivering hypnotizing color luminosity with a metamorphic finish.

A range of limited edition Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss was also released. Details per Sephora:

A gloss with kaleidoscopic pearls that create an otherworldly, liquid crystal, glowing lip look. Inspired by raw gemstones melted into liquid form, kaleidoscopic pearls shift shades as they catch the light to take every lip look to the next level. Each shade features a custom mix of unique pearls blended together to create a multi-dimensional finish that flatters all skintones. The conditioning lip gloss formula is infused with a luxurious coconut and vanilla scent and enriched with nurturing ingredients that leave lips feeling lavishly soft and smooth.

I grabbed four Light Chaser Highlighters--Top to Bottom: Opal x Jade, Champagne Dream x Bellini, Rose Quartz x Seashell, Topaz x Gilt:

These Light Chaser shades are smaller in size than the traditional shades. You can see the size comparison with a regular Becca Highlighters(right). The Light Chasers are smaller(left). I found the shades varied a bit in texture. Some are drier and some are similar to the permanent shades. I'll talk about each as I go through the individual colors.

Rose Quartz flashes Seashell is described as a rose with a hot pink shift. It's a pale light pink that flashes a cool hot pink. This one is drier in texture and almost a touch powdery. It's pale and doesn't add a shimmery highlight like their traditional highlighters, this adds more of a hot pink glow. Traditional Becca highlighter followers who were expecting the usual shimmery highlight may not like this version. It's very subtle, this adds a glow not a highlight in the traditional shimmery sense. 

This is the palest and coolest of the bunch, it would work well on the pale to light complexions. It just adds a cool hot pink glow to my light medium warm complexion. This could be too pale and powdery for darker skin tones. You might want to check it out in person first if you have a dark skin tone. This shade is warmer and darker than Prismatic Amethyst. I like it better than that one. Prismatic Amethyst has a better texture than this one though, it's less dry and powdery.

Champagne Dream flashes Bellini is described as a soft peach with a rose gold shift. It's a light peach with a warm pink shift. The peach is much lighter in tone than Urban Decay's Fireball but the pink shift is similar. This is going to work well on fair to light complexions. On light medium to medium complexions it's going to blend in and mostly show the warm pink glow. On darker skin tones this may be a bit pale and powdery as well, check it out first. 

Same as Rose Quartz flashes Seashell this is just a glow shade, not a shimmery highlighter. If you can't do cool pinks then this shade is going to be better for you. It has the same dry texture as Rose Quartz flashes Seashell as well, a touch powdery. These two shades are less smooth in texture than the regular permanent shades.

Opal flashes Jade is described as a golden opal pearl with a teal sapphire shift. It's a shimmering neutral pink nude with a teal shimmer shift. This shade has the same smooth thin texture as the permanent shades. The tone of Opal flashes Jade is cooler than the regular opal which is warmer. The teal glow to this shade is powerful. It's wearable though. Just start light and add more as needed. 

This should work for fair to medium skin tones quite well. I think it will work well for darker skin tones as well, as it's not powdery and pale in it's base shade like the others. This is my favorite of the bunch as the texture was perfect and it's just so pretty to look at.

Topaz flashes Gilt is described as a golden bronze with a soft emerald shift. It's a light warm dirty gold with a green shift. This reminds me of MAC's Old Gold Pigment. This is also the same smooth texture as the permanent shades and Opal flashes Jade. Not dry or powdery at all. 

This is a deeper warm golden shade so on light skin tones it may be too dark. This will be best on light medium to deep skin tones. The green glow on this one is quite powerful as well. The most powerful glow of the bunch. Start light as it's easy to overdo this one.  

Left to Right--Topaz x Gilt, Opal x Jade, Champagne Dream x Bellini, Rose Quartz x Seashell:

Top to Bottom--Rose Quartz x Seashell, Champagne Dream x Bellini, Opal x Jade, Topaz x Gilt:

The Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss is a thicker shiny gloss with tons of duochrome glitter. It's a touch sticky. It reminds me of MAC's Dazzleglass. The gloss has a doe foot slanted tip applicator. It smells like fruity vanilla but doesn't really taste like anything. These are gritty because of the glitter which is the main downfall for me. The longevity is fairly good for a lipgloss due to being thicker and sticky.

Champagne Dream x Bellini is described as a soft peach with a rose gold shift. It's a warm light golden peach with glittery pink shift. Rose Quartz x Seashell is described as a rose with a hot pink shift. It's a cool light beige rose with a hot pink glitter shift. This is the palest of the group. Opal x Jade is described as a golden opal pearl with a teal sapphire shift. It's a pink nude with a shimmering teal green glitter shift. Topaz x Gilt is described as a golden bronze with a soft emerald shift. It's a cool brown with glittery blue shift. This one adds the most pigment of the group. 

These are all sheer overall, you really get mostly the glitter effect from them. These would have been amazing as a pearly gloss that shifted shades instead of glitter. I feel like the glitter shades are a dime a dozen there's so many brands that do them. I remember Becca's original lipglosses they had this pearly sheen I loved. I was hoping these were going to be similar to those. Maybe next time. These shades would have been even more amazing as a glossy hydrating lipstick. As long as the formula was pigmented enough.  

Left to Right--Champagne Dream x Bellini, Rose Quartz x Seashell, Opal x Jade, Topaz x Gilt:

Top to Bottom--Champagne Dream x Bellini, Rose Quartz x Seashell, Opal x Jade, Topaz x Gilt:

Compared with Top to Bottom--Champagne Dream x Bellini, Makeup Geek Psychedelic, Urban Decay Fireball, Opal x Jade, Opal, Rose Quartz x Seashell, Prismatic Amethyst:

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