Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Pillow Talk: Swatches

9:14:00 PM

I love Charlotte Tilbury. Her Matte Revolution Lipsticks are a fabulous hydrating matte formula. See review here. A new shade is added to the range-Pillow Talk. Per Charlotte Tilbury:

Darlings, I am so excited to share my incredible Pillow Talk lipstick with you! In a magic Matte Revolution finish, this iconic shade is taken from my infamous Lip Cheat Lip Liner. A gorgeous nude-y pink, it mimics and enhances the natural hue of your lips, so you can CHEAT a perfect pillow-y pout in seconds. Enriched with soothing orchid and Lipstick Tree extracts, lips appear fuller and wider, with a softer, more youthful feel. Finished with an angled square tip, apply straight from the bullet for the best lips of your life!

Pillow Talk is a medium nude pink. It's a neutral shade with a slight warm leaning. It has no shimmer on the lips though you see a touch in the tube in sunlight. The Matte Revolution formula tends to darken after it sets. Overall, I was thinking this was finally my perfect matte Charlotte Tilbury pink nude. It's the best to date so far from Charlotte Tilbury's line, but it's a touch darker than I wanted or thought it would be.

It's pinker and warmer than Very Victoria which looks very cool and nude in comparison. It's also darker than Confession KISSING lipstick.

Top to bottom: Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink, Confession, Pillow Talk, Very Victoria, Tom Ford Nubile Lip Shine:

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  1. Ah, Pillowtalk is really a gorgeous lipstick - I just wish it weren't LE (although some promising signs indicating otherwise!) It seems to pull slightly different on everyone - on me, I was surprised it wasn't darker, it's almost exactly the same color as my lips. It's def much warmer than Very Victoria. It almost reminds me of a Stoned Rose but a few shades lighter. Very glad I got a backup!

    Did you decide to try Valentine or did you give that one a miss? I was ambivalent but ended up going for it in the end (LE releases inevitably give me FOMO)! I actually haven't opened it yet because I'm reaching so much for Pillowtalk.

    As always, a great blog post! Many warm wishes =)

    1. Hi thanks for reading! I agree it seems to pull different on everyone. For me it set darker than my natural lip color. I skipped Valentine as it seemed too cool and light for my preferences.

  2. It set darker for me too! Still undecided if I like it on me, although so gorgeous swatched.



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