Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Luxe Balm Dazzling Sip Pinch of Nude: Review & Swatches

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I recently grabbed a few things from Rouge Bunny Rouge. I just talked about Eidola Imperceptible Powder. I also grabbed a Dazzling Sip Tinted Luxe Balm in Pinch of Nude. I already owned the original in Sip of Pink which I'm a big fan of. So I was hoping this would be a new shade to have. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge recently revamped their packaging and went to all black. The case is a touch longer than the original lipsticks. The retail is $31. Rouge Bunny Rouge is a higher end niche brand. It is a good quality brand overall and worth the price tag. Pinch of Nude is described as a juicy, transparent and luminous light beige/nude.

Per Rouge Bunny Rouge:

Here comes the perfect combination of non-invasive lip treatment and beautifying colour: comfortable, plumping and intensely moisturizing, delicately scented, our Tinted Luxe Balm DAZZLING SIP is just that – creamy anti-aging skincare available in three luminous shades.
As we age, our lips lose colour, elasticity and volume: the unique Tinted Luxe Balm formula is exclusively aimed at making a difference.
The Tinted Luxe Balm is based on a powerful active complex designed to bring back the original volume within four weeks of daily use, all while smoothing fine lines, nourishing and brightening the skin. An Ecocert-approved, patented active complex derived from natural Sunflower oil intensely hydrates and softens (clinically approved).
A unique blend of oils, waxes and state-of-the-art pigments create an inimitable glossy sheen and a lovely, flattering brightness of colour.
The Tinted Luxe Balm glides across your lips as gently as a touch of soft air – its impressive repairing, hydrating, plumping and redefining properties are delivered in a highly lightweight, non-sticky texture. It is much more long-lasting compared to other balms.

I'd say the color description is fairly accurate. It's a very sheer pinky beige nude. It has lots of sparkle to it, some very fine shimmer, some larger micro glitter. It goes on mostly clear on the lips. Adds a very slight hint of a deeper beige tone overall with a small hint of shimmer. It functions more as a lip balm than a tinted or shimmery shade. I can feel a bit of texture in the micro shimmer on my lips. Not enough to be gritty and annoying but enough to notice it.

I did notice there is a difference in formula between this new version and the old one. This new one is thinner and slips off a bit quicker than the old version. The old version is thicker and less glossy so it has a bit longer lasting power. The old one is a shimmery light pink shade that really functions more as a clear balm as well. The old one smells more like vanilla, the new one more like fruit. It's definitely not the same formula. I actually prefer the old formula more due to the scent and lasting power. It feels more moisturizing than the new version. The new version isn't drying by any means it's moisturizing and very comfortable. It's just wears off faster, feels thinner and is glossier. I had to reapply more often.

L to R: Sip of Pink, Pinch of Nude:

Top to Bottom: Sip of Pink, Pinch of Nude:

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