Chanel Coco Code Blush Harmony: Review & Swatches

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Chanel's Spring Coco Code Blush Harmony palette is the star product of the collection. Per Chanel: Matte and satin textures collide in this versatile powder of peach, honey, caramel and pink-red shades. Multi-tasks as a highlighter, bronzer and blush for a customized look.


Using the accompanying brush or Blush Brush #4, mix all four shades together and apply onto cheeks.
For fairer skin tones: Use the two lighter shades as a highlighter — dusting onto the high points of the face — or apply the caramel-beige shade below the cheekbones to create a contouring effect.
For deeper skin tones: Use the caramel-beige shade as a highlighter.
For all skin tones: To enhance your natural blush, sweep the vibrant pink-red colour onto the apples of the cheeks.

The top left is a shimmery light pink beige highlight. Top right is a matte medium caramel shade. The bottom left is a matte bright pink red. Bottom right is a shimmery medium gold. The colors are all pigmented and finely milled. The texture is thin and not powdery. The mattes are a bit streaky compared to the shimmers. Nothing new, that tends to be true for a lot of formulas and palettes. Overall, when mixed the texture is smooth.

The color squares are a bit small to be used separately, I know it says you can but maybe with a large eyeshadow sized brush. I liked them best mixed together. When mixed they're a satin muted red. It's not coral, it's red. There's a bit of shimmer, but not too much. The bright pink red is the main color. When mixed it becomes a muted satin with a hint of nude. If you're afraid of bright reds this is your palette. This is bright, yet muted and more day wearable. It will suit a wide variety of skin tones. I do find it has a powdery Chanel smell. That overpowering perfume scent they put in their blushes. That's it's only real negative.

It comes in the traditional black case with Chanel logo and velvet pouch and retails for $70. It is limited edition. Layering the color is easy, start light then build up. It's easy to overdo this one.

Top to Bottom: Top Left then Clockwise, Mixed Heavy, Mixed Light:

Close Up of Mixed Shade Heavy and Light:

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