Sisley November Subscription Box

10:54:00 AM

The November Sisley Subscription Box just showed up on my door. This months theme is 'THE PARTY' to get you ready for the holiday season. Inside is:

Express Flower Gel Mask-I love this it's a nice quick hydrating gel mask. I talked about it here.

Instant Perfect-This is new for me to try. I'll toss this primer into the rotation.

So Intense Mascara-This will be next up for me to try. I just finished my last mascara today, so good timing.

Phytobuste + Decollete-I'm not totally convinced on needing a separate neck/bust cream. I feel you can just use a well formulated one for your face, plus serums. I'll try it out.

Eau du Soir Body Cream-Eh, I'm not  huge perfumed lotion lover. I'll use it but it's Sisley I'm sure it's flowery and powdery, not my usually favorite in a body cream or lotion.

Thoughts will be in the Samples/Empties post once I'm done with all of them. Stay tuned.Visit the Sisley Subscription Box here for details.

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