Omorovicza Black Friday Recs

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Omorovicza does an awesome Black Friday deal every year. It's usually 30% off. I'll post on Instagram and Twitter the code once I know what it is. I thought I would do an overview of some of my favorite Omorovicza products.

The Blue Diamond Eye Cream. Not formally reviewed yet, I have tried quite a bit of samples of it. It's a fabulous medium weight eye cream. Not too greasy, absorbs fast. It gives great results. I get moisture and a visible reduction in wrinkles after just a few uses.

Queen of Hungary Mist. Light textured spritz with a light scent. There's something about that Hungarian water. Talked about here. This is a staple I reach for time and time again. The glass frosted bottle is luxe.

The Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel is a non drying medium peel. It's quick. Like 2-3 minutes quick. Great for a fast easy peel. It's not irritating. I talked about it here and here.

Deep Cleansing Mask is my favorite detox mask. It's non drying. I discussed it here.

The Intensive Hydralifting Cream is my favorite Omorovicza cream. It's hydrating but light and not greasy or heavy. It works. I get reduction of face wrinkles with use. I reviewed it here.

The Complexion Enhancer is my favorite tinted moisturizer. It's light, non greasy. Very light coverage, great for a day off. Reviewed here.

The Gold Eye Lift is not formally reviewed yet. It's a very hydrating, yet not greasy eye cream. It has retinol so anti-aging in the best ways. I like the hydration and retinol.

Omorovicza Cosmetics

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