Fresh Sugar Cream Lip Treatment Buff: Review & Swatches

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I'm a big Fresh skincare fan. I love trying their new lip products. The Sugar Cream Lip Treatment in Buff seemed like a great nude shade to try.

Per Sephora: Sugar Cream Lip Treatments marry the benefits of lip color and skin care with creamy, cushiony formulas that deliver a soft, modern glow. These nourishing and smoothing treatments coat lips with liquid color and a touch of iridescence, while providing six-hour moisture. The formula is enriched with sugar, a natural humectant, antioxidant-rich vitamins E and C, and a moisturizing blend of oils that soften and smooth the lips.

"Sugar Cream Lip Treatments deliver creamy color inspired by watercolor paint and the whipped texture of one of my favorite desserts, crème fraîche. Housed in metal paint tubes, the luscious formula is more pigmented, but when applied it creates a dewy translucent effect, leaving lips soft, smooth, and nourished."—Alina Roytberg, Fresh Co-founder

The retail is $24 for a 10 mL tube. The squeezable tube has a plastic slant tip. It has the same sweet citrus scent as the Sugar Lip Treatments. There's no taste. Buff is a peachy pink nude with pink and gold shimmer. It has a decent amount of pigment yet can be sheer enough depending how much you apply. The texture is a thicker cushy balm gloss hybrid. It has a glossy sheen, it's sticky to some degree. It's not the most sticky gloss ever because it's a balm gloss hybrid. However, it's sticky enough your hair will get stuck in it. It's moisturizing and not drying. This was definitely an easy win win product for me and I've been reaching for it a ton.


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