Addiction Private Beach #067: Review & Swatches

8:44:00 AM

I've talked about Addiction's newly reformulated eyeshadows here and here. At first I was afraid of Private Beach thinking it would be a glitter bomb. After I got Nostalgia I was surprised how it wasn't as glittery as I thought, I figured I would give Private Beach a chance.

Private Beach is a sparkling sand beige. It's cooler to neutral in tone. I was correct in my first guess that it would be a glitter bomb, it is. It leaves fall out everywhere and is way too glittery for me. It has silver glitter as well as tonal beige glitters. Nostalgia is better for me, less fall out. Too bad, Private Beach is a nice light beachy tan beige shade. Lesson learned. Go with your first instinct when you can't test it out in person. There are plenty who would love this glittery shade, it's just not for me. It might be a touch better with a glitter glue eye primer. I never wear glittery eyeshadows so I don't own one just for testing.


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