Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Brigitte: Review & Swatches

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I love most things Charlotte Tilbury and was excited to try the new Legendary Brows in Brigitte. I've been really trying to find a new brow product I like. I used to use a colored pencil with a clear wax over top. The clear wax never lasts nor keeps all my hairs in place. Lately, Surratt's Expressioniste Brow Pomade has been my go to instead of clear wax pencils because it lasts longer. Yet it still never seems to hold my hairs in place all day.

Per Charlotte Tilbury's website: "Darlings, brows are the pillars of the face – they define your beauty! My revolutionary new Sculpt & Shade Gel, enriched with Magic Elasticizing Wax and Vitamin E, glides on like a dream, while the first of its kind Micro-Fine Miracle Precision Brush coats, shades and grooms every single hair, ‘growing’ them for flawlessly defined brows in an instant. Light: Brigitte is recommended for those with blonde, light brown or red hair."


• Eyebrows are key to facial identity, it’s what makes us recognizable
• Enriched with volumizing Magic Elasticizing Wax, nourishing Vitamin E, strengthening Castor Oil and natural pigments that lift and tint
• Shapes, sculpts and adds structure to your brow
• Never makes your brows look ‘pencilled in’ or ‘stuck down’
• The unique Micro-Fine Miracle Precision brush evenly coats, shades and grooms every hair, even ‘baby’ hairs
• Ideal for eyebrows that are too thin or too light, over-plucked or patchy

The brush is so tiny. Like those mini mascara wands for only lower lashes. Brigitte is a light taupey shade. I usually prefer a warmer light blonde shade, but this one isn't too cool. It's not as cool as some taupe blondes. The retail is $22.50.

Application Tips per Charlotte's website:

  • Use the Micro-Fine Precision Brush to brush the hair in an upwards motion
  • The secret key to Legendary Brows is small strokes – the minute multi-bristle brush will pull up, coat and tint the hairs, even the smallest baby hairs
  • Make sure you don’t overcoat your brush with the Sculpt & Shade Gel

  • Top to Bottom: MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil Blonde, LORAC Creamy Brow Pencil Blonde, Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Brigitte, Touch In Sol Browza #1, Benefit ka-BROW! #1, Surratt Expressioniste Brow Pencil Blonde:

    At first I was skeptical as this seemed too cool and it doesn't define as well. You can't get a really defined brow or sharp line. But that's the idea, to have a more natural yet full looking brow without that really sharp defined look. I found this shade warms up a touch and changes slightly after drying. I prefer the shade after drying.

    It took me several times applying this to find the best way for my tastes. You can overdo it and your whole brow will be too sticky. The texture has a soft waxy feel. Like a pomade. No crunchy, hard feel like with a clear gel. And no flaking like a gel. It holds all day. Literally, no touch ups needed. That's the best part. It keeps all my unruly hairs in place all day with color.

    You can skip applying it in the more dense area of your brow and apply extra in the sparse areas to even your brow out naturally. I take the wand and rub the end of the brush on the very ends of my brow where it's sparsest. This helps deposit the color there, and it looks natural. I also found doing a quick run over the whole brow first, then moving to the next brow while it sets, helped quicken the process. If you keep applying it on wet it's harder too see if you're doing too much. It was also easier to build up once one coat was set or dry.

    You can get a light to medium brow look with this, but it's not for a heavy look. The best part is that it tames the brow hairs and holds them in place all day. I've never found any brow wax that can do that. Just don't overdo it or you get sticky glued down brows. It's quick to use and I only have to use one product for color and taming my brows versus two products like I normally use. I loved it so much I also just grabbed clear to help me polish off all my old brow pencils for brow taming.

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