Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: Review & Comparison

8:51:00 PM

Even though I wasn't a fan of the Sephora Pro x Hakuhodo synthetic face brushes, it opened me up to trying more synthetic brushes instead of just using real hair brushes. I love the shape of the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush and decided to grab the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. For $8.99 is was worth trying and it usually gets good reviews.

The shape is fairly similar to the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush. Short, rounder oval shape and more compact. I found it performed pretty similar to the Tom Ford as well. It has a denser black synthetic hair base with finer white synthetic hair tips. It worked great for liquid products such as foundations, blush and bronzer. It also worked great for cream products. My favorite way to use it is with my Armani Liquid Summer Bronzer. This is a bit smaller than the Tom Ford and less dense overall. For the price this was an excellent addition to my brush collection, it's a fabulous brush.

L to R: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush:

Top View for size comparison:

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