Barney's Love Yourself 2016

8:08:00 AM

Here's the flyer I got for the first Barney's Love Yourself event of 2016. It runs March 8th-12th. I personally am not buying anything this year, so I won't have a bag to review. I put this up for you guys in case you didn't know it was coming up. Spend $200 in cosmetics, fragrance and haircare get the gift bag. Barney's is one fo the best gift bags around.

Check out this link here: to see what's in the gift bag.

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  1. I'm going to hold off on the bag too bc I got the fall bag and the space nk fall bag. The only thing I like about this bag is the actual bag! both colors are gorgeous but I dunno. I was planning on getting the May Lindstrom Honey Mud and Problem Solver but they're too pricey a mask for me to commit to without trying a sample. I think the cult beauty goody bag might be worth a look if it's still available :P

    1. I know when you get the bags close together you get a lot of repeat samples, why I held off too. You might try emailing May Lindstrom and ask if they do any kind of samples. Worth a shot!



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