Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation #6 Medium: Review & Swatches

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I love Charlotte Tilbury's line. The Light Wonder Foundation, which is a light and dewy foundation, was my first product from her line. Charlotte recently added a medium to full coverage, semi matte foundation to her line called Magic Foundation. It's currently only available in the UK. It will come to the US, looks like this month. I had to get this from Harrods as Selfridges wouldn't ship it to the US. This is from the FDA rules on ingredients just like when the Magic Cream first got released. I picked shade #6 after trying both 5 & 6 from eBay samples.

It comes in a glass bottle with a light pink pump and rose gold metallic lid:

Per Charlotte's website: "My Magic Foundation is a miracle in a bottle that transforms skin for all ages, skin tones and skin types. I have worked with laboratories for five years to create a “hyper-intelligent” formula that gives full-coverage yet feels completely weightless, with all the anti-ageing and protective benefits of a luxury skin cream. It conceals imperfections, glides on like a dream, and literally feels like a second skin. Whether your skin needs just a bit of perfecting, or you struggle with a frustrating issue like acne, melasma or rosacea, my Magic Foundation will give you a perfect looking skin day, every day!"

Shade #6 is described as: "6 Medium is a neutral golden/yellow for Medium Skin Tones with Neutral Olive Undertones." It's a good match for my NC 25 skin tone. Sometimes I'm more 25-27 and this would cater to being darker in the summer. Shade #5 worked as well for me, but it was a touch too peachy. Shade #6 seems to cover the redness in my cheeks better than #5 did. I agree with the shade description for this shade and #5 as well. If you're more in the NC 23-25 this might be a tad too dark for you.

The coverage is medium and can be built up to almost full coverage. It has a semi matte finish. The finish is not the driest matte foundation I've used, nor is it dewy or moist. After applying it feels dewy and almost too thick, like it was just sitting on my skin, then it sets and dries down to a semi matte finish. It looks best after setting for about 30 minutes. That's when it didn't look like it was sitting on my skin anymore, it blended in to be more skin like and the feel was lighter. However, you can apply too much and it will look too thick and not have that skin like feel.

I tried applying with my fingers, a foundation brush and with a Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender gave this the best finish out of the three. This looked best on me with a light layer all over than building up to a medium layer on the redness in my cheeks and around my nose. It did cover the redness in my cheeks and around my nose. It also did emphasize the dry area I had on my chin where I had a healing area from scratching myself. I feel this isn't really uncommon with more matte foundations. It lasted 8 hours before fading and I did get a bit of oiliness in my t-zone after a few hours with it. Less than I do with the more light and dewy foundations I normally wear.

Overall, I liked this better than some other matte foundations I have used. It was better than By Terry Densiliss which was too thick, matte and full coverage for me. This was lighter weight and more skin like, less like I was wearing an almost full coverage foundation. I'm not a big matte or full coverage foundation fan in general. I'll use it on occasion but it's not an everyday product for me. This is great for a day when my cheeks are more red, or I want to do a photograph, or for a special occasion. It's not something I would wear on a daily basis, so therefore I can't attest to it's skincare benefits. I you have dry skin this may be too dry for you, I am drier right now in the winter and it got a little itchy in my drier areas later in the day. I also noticed that this sunk into the pores on my cheeks emphasizing them. This did not happen when I first started testing it in September. My cheeks are super dry this winter and I seem to have this problem with almost every foundation that's above a tinted moisturizer right now. So if you have the same problem with dry cheeks, or have dry skin in general, you may have to think if this foundation is right for you. Also keep in mind using this foundation might take using a Beauty Blender everyday for you to get that built up coverage without overdoing it. 


Swatches Top to Bottom(All Charlotte Tilbury): Light Wonder #6, Magic Foundation #6, Magic Foundation #5, Light Wonder #5:

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