Gucci Starlight 040 Magnetic Color Shadow Mono: Review & Swatches

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I haven't been in love with Gucci since the '90s when my aunt gave me a Gucci t-shirt and I thought it was the best thing ever, I was label obsessed even in middle school. The t-shirt was ugly and years later I forgot about Gucci realizing I could never afford another thing from them. Yet I kept hearing good things about the new Gucci makeup and I wanted to try something. So I grabbed Starlight eyeshadow. I ordered online, even though in August when I last visited the Houston Galleria mall they were going to be getting the full line in Neiman's by September, as I have been unable to make it back to the mall to check out the line in person but hope to by February.

Per Gucci's website: "The Magnetic Color Shadow Mono debuts with nineteen diverse single-tone eyeshadows. The complete palette is composed of iconic colors from Gucci’s fashion archives and modern hues lifted directly from the runway show. Each formula is saturated with pigment and each finish is fine-tuned for a signature eye look." The retail is $37 for a 2g compact.

Starlight is a shimmery light beige with an olive and gold tone. The texture is amazing, super soft yet not powdery. It's silky, smooth, buttery, pigmented and applies evenly. It has average powder eyeshadow lasting power. This is one where the product lives up to the high price tag. That's not always the case with these fashion lines starting beauty lines. While the shade Starlight was a bit too light overall for my tastes, I look forward to testing out the full line next year sometime and seeing what else I can bring home.



Compared with L to R: Shiseido Trio BE213, Gucci Starlight(top), Suqqu Kozuecha Top R Shade(bottom L), Burberry Pale Barley(bottom R), Armani Spring/Summer 2015 Palette:

Top to Bottom: Suqqu Kozuecha Top R shade, Shiseido Trio BE213 Beige shade, Burberry Pale Barley, Gucci Starlight, Armani Spring/Summer Palette L shade:



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