Surratt Prismatique Lips: Review & Swatches

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During the recent Sephora Rouge VIB sale I noticed these new Surratt Prismatique Lipsticks. I love Surratt and combined with a sale I grabbed a lot. I wanted to get this post up so anyone looking to get them on sale can have a better guess on shades.

Per Sephora: "A collection of 14 chic, shimmering, lip sheers created using prismatic Japanese pigments that refract light for dazzling shine. Wear Prismatique Lips alone for sheer, glistening shine or layered upon other lip colors for a brilliant highlighting effect. The Japanese formula suspends multidimensional, shimmering pigments within rich, moisturizing color. It glides on effortlessly and has a luxurious feel." The retail is $36 for a 0.005 oz tube. It's a tiny, expensive tube of lipstick, but if you've tried Surratt you know that's how their stuff runs. The glossy case is a slender square coated fully with the green and purple shimmer. It's made of plastic but almost feels like thin metal.

L to R: Jolie Laide, Nouveau Riche, Cultive, Lili Doree, Chichi, Elitiste, Paillettes:

These are a sheer, glossy almost balm like lipstick and have the usual wear for this type, about 1-2 hours. They are moisturizing and very comfortable to wear. Per Sephora Jolie Laide is an "ambiguous violet taupe", Nouveau Riche a "glistening nude", Cultive "turns opalescent pink one applied", Paillettes is a "twinkling pink", Chichi a "golden rose", Elitiste a "glistening golden peach", and Lili Doree a "bubbly rose champagne". Chichi is the only description I don't agree with, there's no gold I see in it. 

Jolie Laide and Paillettes are the most sheer, almost clear on the lips with shimmer. Jolie Laide looks really cool in the tube, a sheer violet taupe base with pink and white shimmer, but it is almost totally clear on the lips. It's the sheerest and most non-pigmented of the bunch. Paillettes is similar, but it's a yellow pink clear base with pink and white shimmer. It looks mostly clear on the lips but the shimmer is slightly more visible than Jolie Laide. Nouveau Riche is a sheer champagne nude with gold and white shimmer. It adds a lighter champagne tint and shimmer to the lips and it's more pigmented than Jolie Laide and Paillettes.

Cultive is a light creamy cool blue with blue and white shimmer that turns a light creamy cool blue pink on the lips. The shimmer is visible more in the sunlight than on the lips. It looks more creamy light cool blue pink on the lips. This was not for my warm skin tone at all. Lili Doree is a warm nude peachy pink with gold and a touch of white shimmer. Chichi is a warm pink with pink and a touch of white shimmer. Elitiste is a slightly pinked peach with white and gold shimmer. All of these shades were the most pigmented, but still on the sheer end. The shimmer in these seems the same as Jolie Laide and Paillettes. 

I found all of these lipsticks, minus Cultive, slightly gritty at first but after a few minutes on I didn't notice it anymore. I tend to be more sensitive to thinking things are gritty when others don't. They're not bad it's just a bit. Paillettes, Jolie Laide and Nouveau Riche were worse than the others. Lili Doree, Chichi and Elitiste are my favorites. Jolie Laide would be a favorite it it was more pigmentend.

Top to Bottom: Jolie Laide, Nouveau Riche, Cultive:

Top to Bottom: Lili Doree, Chichi, Elitiste, Paillettes:

Swatches Top to Bottom: Joile Laide, Nouveau Riche, Cultive, Lili Doree, Chichi, Elitiste, Paillettes:

The light makes these look cooler but it showed the shimmer well:


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  1. Thanks for the swatches! Was thinking of getting Pailettes, but based on this post, I'll opt for one of the darker pinks!



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