MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Havana: Swatches

2:17:00 PM

I talked about MAC's Extra Dimension Eyeshadows here. I have a new shade to swatch. Havana is described as "dirty copper brown". It's a medium shimmery bronze brown shade. If you like classic shimmery bronze browns you'll like this as the formula is excellent, which I talked about in the link above.


Compared with L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel, MAC Havana(top), NARS Kalahari Duo R Side(bottom), Surratt Haute Chocolate(bottom), NARS Telesto(top), Cle de Peau 305 Satin Moon Bronze Shade(bottom):

Top to Bottom: NARS Duo Kalahari Duo R Side, Cle de Peau 305 Bronze Shade, Surratt Haute Chocolate, NARS Telesto, MAC Havana, Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Bottom L Shade:

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