Armani Runway Eye Tint Fall-Winter 2015: Swatches

4:24:00 AM

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Armani's Fall-Winter 2015 Runway look has an Eye Tint that I had to try. The Eye Tint is the same formula that I reviewed here. It has a special box and silk pouch based on the Runway look. It has a higher retail price of $42 versus the regular $38. 

The color is a shimmery amber brown as Armani describes it, or I would call it a warm, medium bronze. It's thicker than Senso so it applies better and more opaque. The high shimmer, no glitter, makes this one more metallic feeling than Senso as well. 

I love this one much more than Senso. It fits what I like better. I could do without the pouch that raises the cost since I'll never use it. 

Swatches: Top Runway, Bottom Senso 10:


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