Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Fig: Review & Swatches

3:37:00 PM

So I always get excited when Fresh makes a new tinted Lip Treatment. Fig retails for $22.50 and has SPF 15 like all the other ones. I'm a big fan of the formula in general, it's hydrating and comfortable to wear. Fig just came out and is described as a "pearlescent wine tint."

Fig is a sheer, cool wine tint with silver shimmer. It's not what I would call pearlescent, more shimmer. It's actually a bit gritty on my lips at first. It's got a good tint to it, meaning you'll see it on, but it's not as bold as a few of the shades. It's like a cooler version of plum, and more purple, with silver shimmer. Fig may look a touch warm in some swatches but it's not, it's cool. The shimmer is larger and more noticeable than in Nude which was more pearlescent. This shade was not for me, but if you like a cool wine, more purple less red, tint with silver shimmer check it out.

Compared with Petal & Nude:

Top to Bottom: Nude, Fig, Petal:


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