Chanel Entrelacs Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches

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The Chanel Entrelacs Eyeshadow Palette just came out for fall. It's a very neutral palette, which is either something you'll love or not. It's limited edition. Per Chanel's website "this five-shadow palette features nude shadows from light to deep, satiny to matte. An embossed design reflects the stained-glass windows of Aubazine in central France, where Gabrielle Chanel spent part of her youth."

The retail is $80 for 0.21 oz of product and it comes with the usual velvet pouch, one double sponge applicator and one combination sponge and brush applicator.

The colors are a cream with gold shimmer, a matte milk chocolate nude, a shimmery medium neutral brown, an off black with subtle copper shimmer, and a shimmery light seashell pink. So overall, there's one matte, one off black that's inbetween matte and a shimmery satin, and the rest are shimmery satin shades. The shimmer is subtle and refined like most Chanel. None feel frosty or metallic, the shimmer is actually more subtle on the lids than in the pan or when swatched.

The formula is soft, a bit powdery, and it does tend to apply lighter than in the palette or swatched. I found it fairly easy to blend and layer, even being powdery. It was easy to create a softer day look or a nice soft smoky nude look if the off black was used more. I didn't find any shades dry or hard to apply, they were all soft, none were uneven either. Overall, the effect from this will be of soft nudes and whether or not this is for you mostly depends on if you like that or not. I love soft nudes so it's great for me, but it's dupeable.

L to R as in palette:


Compared to L to R Top: Armani Spring Summer 2015 Palette, Chanel Entrelacs, MAC A Natural Flirt, Surratt Idealiste.
L to R Bottom: Addiction Earth Wind, Surratt Greige, MAC Smut, Shiseido BE213:

Out of what I own in comparison to Chanel Entrelacs: Shiseido's BE213 far right shade is lighter and touch less gold to the golden cream; Addiction's Earth Wind is slightly less yellow and Surratt's Greige is darker to the matte nude; Armani's Spring Summer 2015 Palette middle shade is cooler and less shimmery to the medium brown; MAC's Smut is pretty similar to the off black; and MAC's A Natural Flirt is lighter and a bit more shimmery/metallic, Surratt's Idealiste is peachier or Shiseido's BE213 middle shade is darker and more pink to the seashell pink.

L to R Top: Shiseido BE213 far right shade, Surratt Greige, Addiction Earth Wind, Armani Spring Summer 2015 Palette middle shade, MAC Smut, MAC A Natural Flirt, Shiseido BE213 middle shade, Surratt Idealiste(right below the Shiseido).
L to R Bottom: Chanel Entrelacs as in palette:

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