Tom Ford Bronzer Brush: Review

7:46:00 PM

Tom Ford's Bronzer Brush is my staple brush for powder bronzer. It's also not bad for regular face or setting powder. I have a few of Tom Ford's brushes and I am very impressed with them. They are soft goat hair and very dense. The density makes them good for picking up and laying down a heavier application. This is not a brush to use for a light, barely there look, or you need to be very light when putting this brush into the powder and tap off the excess before applying to your face. You can use goat hair for powder, cream or liquid products. With this brush I only use it for powder.

This brush is huge and has a flat rounded shape. Oddly, even with it's density the large size, this brush gives a nice bronzer application, I never get a 'way too much' look with it. It's not precise because of the large size. I usually only need one pass per side of my face with this brush. I don't need to layer like I do with a squirrel hair or less dense brush. This is a pricey investment brush at $115. It's well made, sturdy and for me it was worth it. I could see you also using this to blend or buff in an all over manner on your face.

Shown with my hands to show size:

Front View:

Side View:

Top View:

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