Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick Blush No20: Review & Swatches

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I didn't think I would like the new Chanel Les Beiges Blush Sticks as the colors looked like the same cream blushes I already have so many of: a bronze, a pink and a coral. Everyone always releases cream blushes in those same three shades. These are new for summer and looks like they're not limited like I thought they were. These come in a black metal tube with the Chanel logo and retail for $45 for a 8g or 0.28 oz tube. For reference a NARS Multiple is 0.5 oz.

Per Chanel's website: "With its luminous velvet finish, it sculpts and enhances a natural healthy glow by adding a touch of colour to the cheekbones. A silky second-skin texture for a light, powdery sensation under your fingers. Enriched with cotton and rose extracts, as well as beeswax for melt-away comfort."

I picked up shade No20. Based on early swatches I thought this would be a basic bronze, but it's actually got a rose base to it. It's a warmer rose bronze with gold shimmer. As Chanel's shimmer usually is, it's subtle. The most similar shade I can think of is NARS G Spot which I no longer have to do a swatch comparison for you. This shade tends to look more bronze in the tube, you see the rose more after swatching, the light also changes it and makes it look more bronze or rose depending.

The formula is silky, it's not really greasy like some cheek sticks can be, but it is more emollient than NARS Multiples. It glides on easier than NARS Multiples which are more dry. It's sheer and can be built up a little bit, you can't overdo it with this one really. This is sheerer, more emollient, silkier, thinner and easier to apply than the Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel. This has average wear of about 6 hours. It has a strong rose scent, it's not terrible like a really powdery rose, but it's there and may not be for everyone.

Overall, I was surprised I thought I would pass on these when I went to look at them. The rose bronze of No20 was not the standard bronze summer blush stick I normally see so I'm glad I picked it up. No22, the coral one, was more pigmented than this shade, it was a nice coral if you're looking for a non shimmery one. That will probably be the next one I get, the pink was too cool for me.


L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Formentera, Chanel No20, NARS Malibu, NARS Maui:

Top to Bottom: Charlotte Tilbury Formentera, Chanel No20, NARS Malibu, NARS Maui:


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