Burberry Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Silk & Glow: Nude, Pale Barley, Storm Grey: Review & Swatches

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Burberry Beauty is a brand I have passed by and yet never tried before. I guess I was in the mood when I saw these new Wet & Dry Eyeshadows pop up on Nordstrom's. I picked up the Glow version in the shade Nude, and the Silk version in Pale Barley and Storm Grey. They have a nice gunmetal metallic case that is heavy and weighted. They retail for $29 for 1.8g on the Glow version and 2.7g on the Silk version. As the name suggests these can be used dry or wet for more impact.

L to R: Nude #002, Pale Barley #102, Storm Grey #303:

Top to Bottom: Nude, Pale Barley, Storm Grey:


The Glow eyeshadow  range is that new lightweight, metallic, wet and dry texture you've seen by some brands such as Charlotte Tilbury's Supermodel Fallen Angel palette, Tom Ford's Nude Dip palette, MAC's Extra Dimension eyeshadows and other brands as well. Nude is a light metallic taupe. It looks warmer in the pan than it does swatched or applied, it also applies darker in color than in the pan. It gives a nice wash of shimmery metallic taupe used dry, or you can really go for it wet. I have tried both, I prefer dry as the wet is too much for me. It's smooth, applies evenly and I didn't notice too much fall out, but there is some. This reminds me most of the MAC Extra Dimension texture, I prefer the Charlotte Tilbury the most due to no fall out and the shimmer particles are smoother.

Compared with L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel, Burberry Nude, Armani Spring/Summer '15:

L to R: Armani Spring/Summer '15 L Taupe(warmer and least metallic, not same type of formula), Burberry Nude(most visible shimmer particles), Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Top R(cooler more grey, less shimmery particles, more metallic and pigmented):


Pale Barley is part of the Silk eyeshadow range, it's a shimmery light nude. This is a great subtle shade that goes with everything. It's neutral to cooler in tone. I find it finely milled, soft, smooth, easy to apply and blend. I have only used it dry as that's enough pigmentation for me, I also do not have the old sheer formula shades to compare what is different about the formula now.

Compared with: Top Row L to R: Armani Maestro 32, Burberry Pale Barley, Armani Spring/Summer '15; Middle L: Edward Bess Intimate; Bottom: Cle de Peau #305:

L to R: Edward Bess Intimate(darker, much more brown), Armani Maestro 32(warmer, darker, more brown), Burberry Pale Barley, Armani Spring/Summer '15 L Taupe(lighter, more metallic), Cle de Peau Taupe(cooler, more purple and grey):


Storm Grey is also part of the Silk range. It's a shimmery medium grey. It's a neutral to slightly warm toned grey. There's no purple or blue hues in it. Same texture as Pale Barley.

Compared with: L to R Top: Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess, Burberry Storm Grey, Charlotte Tilbury Rock Chic; Bottom: Edward Bess Dusk:

L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Top R(warmer, more brown), Edward Bess Dusk(deeper, more brown), Burberry Storm Grey, Charlotte Tilbury Rock Chic Top R(cooler, darker, slight purple hue in comparison):


Out of the two formulas I definitely prefer the Silk range. The Glow formula is just not really my favorite type of eyeshadow. I would probably get the MAC Extra Dimension over the Burberry Glow as well since it's cheaper, and there's more variety. The Silk range was nice, there's not too many shades right now, Porcelain and Chestnut Brown are next on my list but I think I would stop there. It would give me a nice neutral range, which is perfect for me, but there's nothing really unique in the current colors. Overall, I like the Silk formula, it's nice, easy to use with no fuss or extra effort needed.

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