Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: Review

5:47:00 PM

Fresh's Sugar Lip Polish is my all time favorite lip scrub. I've gone through multiples of these in the last few years. This uses brown sugar and oils to exfoliate and hydrate your lips. I used to use a warm washcloth, but this is so much easier and one jar lasts months. A jar is 0.6 oz and retails for $22.50.

This mostly smells like brown sugar, it's pleasant. I wipe my lip balm or lipstick off, rub some of this on my lips for 20 seconds or so, then rinse it off with water. It leaves a touch of oils behind making your lips feel moisturized and not scaly anymore. Because it has oils I find it best goes on dry non-wet lips which leaves the oils behind. This is a fabulous lip scrub, it's not harsh, it moisturizes, doesn't taste bad and does the job. How many times a week I use it depends on how much lipstick I'm wearing that week. Sometimes it's everyday, sometimes twice a week. I've been able to use it everyday even twice a day with no irritation issues.

The main ingredients are brown sugar, jojoba seed oil, castor oil, molasses, fragrance, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, grape seed oil, and a vitamin E derivative.

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