Wayne Goss Brush #11 Review & Comparison

3:28:00 PM

I have several Wayne Goss brushes and love them. I recently got the #11 brush from my Makeupalley Secret Santa.

Wayne Goss brushes are made in Japan and are a great quality, they are only available on Beautylish. While Beautylish does not list the hair type of his brushes on their site, I have guessed it feels like goat that's probably dyed brown. It's super soft goat hair. Once you feel a Wayne Goss brush on your face you'll never go back to that scratchy MAC goat hair.

The #11 brush is a larger blush brush or small face brush. It's a less dense, fluffy brush that gives a sheerer application or is good for blending. It has a round and flat shape. It retails for $48. In comparison to the other brushes below, smallest to largest: Wayne Goss #13, Wayne Goss #12, Chikuhodo Z-8, Wayne Goss #11. Softest is the squirrel hair Chikuhodo, the other Wayne Goss brushes are all the same softness and hair. The most dense to least dense: Wayne Goss #13, Wayne Goss #12, Chikuhodo Z-8, Wayne Goss #11. Though the Chikuhodo is softer, it feels slightly more dense than the Wayne Goss #11. The Wayne Goss #11 gives the lightest application of the bunch.

If you haven't caved and gotten a Wayne Goss brush yet, you won't be disappointed when you do.

Top to Bottom: Chikuhodo Z-8, Wayne Goss #13, Wayne Goss #12, Wayne Goss #11

L to R: Wayne Goss #11, Wayne Goss #12, Wayne Goss #13, Chikuhodo Z-8

For size comparison, top to bottom: Chikuhodo Z-8, Wayne Goss #13, Wayne Goss #12, Wayne Goss #11

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