Small Drugstore Find

7:05:00 PM

This is a small post about something I found at the drugstore that's amazing. It's not makeup or usual skincare, but still essential to the daily beauty addict.

I have been using the Secret Outlast solid for years, which is a great formula. As a nurse with all the running around a good deodorant that lasts is essential. Yet it was never perfect, it left white all over everything. This new Secret Outlast clear gel solves that problem. I was skeptical as all clear gels I have tried in the past suck. They never last and feel sticky. This one is different. It lasts as long as the solid, with no white mess. It's perfect. It does have that gel wet feeling until it dries for about three minutes or so, but I can live with that. It doesn't last the full 48 hours it claims to, 24 hours easy, possibly 36 if you weren't doing a bunch of sweating. I apply it daily. If you want a deodorant that lasts and leaves no white marks, check it out. 

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