A Few Samples I Finished Recently

9:50:00 PM

I've always been curious about 3LAB and whether it was worth it's price tag. I got this 0.28oz sample jar in one of the gift bags I got in October, I want to say it was in the Barney's one. The WW Cream Anti-Wrinkle and Brightening Complex retails for $450 for 2 oz which means this sample was worth $63. Wow, it's pricey. It's also a thick textured, rich cream.

This is not for oily skin, for combo skin it will just depend on the season and where you live. I used this every night until it was gone. I have to say while the moisture was nice this winter, it was a bit greasy, took a while to absorb, and my fine lines didn't change at all. This felt like a heavy shea butter based cream, and it is. So besides the extra moisture this was a bust for me, I would not buy it for that price as it did not seem to give me any noticeable results.

The Cover FX Calming Primer Base came to me in a Sephora holiday gift bag right at a time when I was having cheek redness from the winter. I promptly replaced my Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer with this for a month. While this primer was nice as far as moisture goes, it did not seem to really help my redness any. Like any non silicone primer it won't give you that flawless pore free appearance, but it will help your makeup stay on longer. It was an OK primer but I wouldn't buy it full size. The texture is a thin creamy lotion. It retails for $38 for 1 oz.

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